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  Forum Rules and Regulations

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 Forum Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules and Regulations    Forum Rules and Regulations EmptyMon Sep 06, 2010 12:24 am

First of all, I would like to welcome you all to Anime Empire, this is a forum for everyone to have fun, and these rules that will be stated should be followed without hesitance, if you fail to do will receive a warning

-- The primary rule for all Forums is this, you must learn to respect if you want to be respected.
-- If you have something against anyone, feel free to talk to him/her about it. Don't let other's know so that it will not result to a larger misunderstanding.

-- Images must not present or show any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Content
-- Large Images must only be linked, using this code
This code
[spoiler][img]URL of the Image[/img][/spoiler]
-- Trolling and flaming is strictly prohibited!! Failing to follow this rule will result to Ban

-- You can put 2 signatures with a maximum of 200 pixels(height) each and an Egg Sig(If you have one). Nothing more.
-- Text in Signatures are allowed.
-- Avatars must be 120x120 pixels.
-- Animated Avatars are also allowed

That is all
Thank you for reading Smile


Okay, this are some reminders that you have to remember too...
Since this forums is still fresh and new, we would like to avoid these kinds of things:

txtspk and aLtErNaTe cApS, or Jejemon
Well for some reason, this kind of typing isn't necessary and definitely gives you nothing but wasting too much time reading it. Consider that all of us would type nicely and clearly, mostly for those who are near-sighted and can't read easily. Example is txtspk wh1ch i$ n0t v3ry co0l at all, aLtErNatE cApS wHiCh MaKeS tHiS sTaTeMeNt gO LiKe cRaZy, and the worst is combined txtspk and aLtErNatE cApS (or Jejemon) 2 m4Ke t3H uHlt1M8 sT8m3nT 1n t3h whUrLdz!

Double-Triple posting
It's okay for those who are having trouble in posting, but don't do this specially if the post is not making any sense at all or OT.

Downloading sites (ex. Torrents)
WE ARE NOT going to approve any downloading sites, specially if the downloadable content is a 'hacked version'. WE DON'T WANT THIS FORUMS TO BE A STOCK OF DOWNLOADING SITES JUST FOR FUN.

Confidential Identities
Avoid posting/putting about yourself that is very VERY confidential or classified (like May I know your address? or Ilan ba kayo dyan sa bahay?). Well, you know the result if you tell someone about your classified identity.

Well that's it, I hope you'll read this too just for reminders. We are after all has limits, so just be careful posting/talking on people.
Good luck guys. Wave
--Mantus Flamenta (Dark Revolver)

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Forum Rules and Regulations
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